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Developer by day, writer by night #1

Miguel Cobá
Miguel Cobá
My selection of interesting bits about Elixir, Elm, Software Development and eBook Writing

I have been watching videos, old and new, about Erlang and Elixir. This time I want to share with you this amazing talk Saša Jurić did in 2019. Already a classic.
It is aimed at non-Elixir developers and shows the power and capabilities of the BEAM languages, focusing on Erlang and Elixir.
He does an amazing demo with 10k concurrent process being resilient to failing process, infinite loop processes and observability.
Check it out
The Soul of Erlang and Elixir • Saša Jurić • GOTO 2019
The Soul of Erlang and Elixir • Saša Jurić • GOTO 2019
Elm is a favorite of mine. Small functional language with huge power.
I always find interesting things made with Elm, like this implementation of the popular Wordle game. Check it here.
This week
I learned about Oban, a full featured library to schedule jobs. It has a lot of nice features.
I used it to set up a daily job that ran once a day (I used the “@daily” crontab definition) to delete some old records from a big table.
When you need to run some job asynchronously (like sending emails or sms) or scheduling programmed tasks, Oban is the tool to go!
GitHub - sorentwo/oban: 💎 Robust job processing in Elixir, backed by modern PostgreSQL
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Miguel Cobá
Miguel Cobá @MiguelCoba_

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